Movie Music UK - Hostile Territory - OST - Jonathan Broxton 

..."The score for Hostile Territory is by the excellent English composer John Koutselinis, who left an positive initial impression on the film music world following the release of his breakthrough score, The Great Alaskan Race, in 2019"...."It’s also clear that he finds working with Brian Presley – who also directed The Great Alaskan Race – inspirational, because Hostile Territory is a genuinely excellent piece of music."

...."The 7-minute “Finale & End Credits” is an outstanding final journey around all the score’s main melodic ideas, which includes some superb moments for solo violins, gorgeous inspiring voices, sharp percussion patterns, staccato action sequences, and more. There are even some hints of Hans Zimmer at his most rousing in the score’s final moments here; fans of scores like Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron might be especially impressed."....

...."Hostile Territory is an excellent score, filled with grand orchestral flourishes, moments of intimate drama, and thrilling western action."

- Jonathan Broxton


Hostile Territory - Original Sound Track - Review by John Mansell for 'Movie Music International' 

"The musical score is in one word superb. It is the work of composer John Koutselinis, who has fashioned beautiful, and affecting themes alongside thundering action cues to support and underline the various sequences and scenarios that are unfolding on screen. I am pleased to say the score is available on digital platforms via Movie Score Media, and it is a soundtrack that you as a self-respecting film music fan must add to your digital collection straight away.

The music is a fusion of symphonic and synthetic, but I have to say is one of the most emotive and wonderfully rich and affecting scores I have heard thus far this year, it has to it a slight Gaelic lilt in several the cues and also includes an enchanting and ethereal sounding solo voice performance which is haunting and effective. The lush and at times lavish textures and colours of the score are overwhelming emotionally, the composer utilising delicate woods, and sweeping strings to convey a feeling of melancholy and expansiveness, but also employing driving string performances that are underlined by booming percussive elements to establish a fearsome and relentless musical persona. It is a work of quality and at times contains a spiritual and hopeful sound. His music evoking the style of Horner, Holdridge, Poledouris, and Goldsmith, with epic and grand orchestral flourishes weaving their way in and out of the proceedings. The score will be available on the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Spotify on April 22nd, please I urge you check this one out, it is an essential listen."


The Great Alaskan Race - Review by Mazza Den - Film reviews (Blog) 

"....the cinematography by Mark David, who was also one of the producers of the film, was splendid with cold colors, very bright and striking which brought forward the beauty of many of the sets. The film could also count on the beautiful soundtrack by John Koutselinis; the music grabs the reins of the emotional narrative accompanying the viewer in an alternation of notes, noise, and silences, in this crazy, courageous race in the showed plains of Alaska"

The Great Alaskan Race - OST - Review by 'Movie Music International' 

...composed by John Koutselinis, this is a proud and inspiring sounding work, it is a score that contains so many themes which all have to them an individual quality but at the same time are working together to create a style and sound that is filled with a deep and affecting musical persona.

The style for me evoked the music of composers such as Basil Poledouris and Lee Holdridge, it is a rich and sumptuous sound that we are treated too throughout, Even, within the darker moments of the score the music gives us glimmers of hope and little shards of light that lift and tell us that all is not lost.

The composer utilizes strings and solo female voice in places which too is hauntingly effective and adds an almost spiritual aura to the proceedings. Piano, woods, and strings I would say are the main stay of the score, with the composer adding solo violin at certain points which purveys a melancholy air. But it is the rich and vibrantly thematic material that is the attraction of the soundtrack, percussive elements aid the grandiose effect that the composer creates via symphonic and synthetic instrumentation, which he fuses effectively and seamlessly to fashion a flawless and lush sound.

Flourishes from the brass are laced with almost lavish sounding strings to purvey a sense of maybe vastness and also of isolation, but underneath all of this there are still fragments of hope and determination that do fight their way through.

This is a score that you should check out, recommended.

The Great Alaskan Race - OST - Review by 'Soundtrack Universe' 


 ...A richly thematic and sweepingly gorgeous work, The Great Alaskan Race is in many ways what one might hope for if the dramatic scoring of James Horner was combined with high octane action sensibilities of a 1990's Media Venture score. In short, the score is a wonderful piece of dramatic scoring.

Centered around a primary theme that is given a suite-esque performance in "The Great Alaskan Race- Main Theme", the influence of Horner and to a lesser extent Randy Edelman are immediately apparent. As for the Media Ventures comparison, the two action-heavy cues "The Journey Begins" and "Through the Darkness (The Norton Sound)" feature percussion (both acoustic and synthetic) that clearly have influence from the likes of The Lion King and Gladiator... which is by no means a bad thing. 

While likely to be overlooked in the sea of theatrical film scores released in 2019, The Great Alaskan Race really deserves to be heard by all film music fans. A wonderful blending of obvious influences, Koutselinis writing showcases a clear talent for dramatic and lyrical storytelling through music.

With the added benefit of members of The City of Prague Philharmonic performing alongside specialty soloists and an array of synthesizers, the sound of The Great Alaskan Race does not betray its independent filmmaking origins. In the end, a highly recommended drama score for all sensibilities. 


4 out of 5