Movie Music UK - Hostile Territory - OST - Jonathan Broxton

..."The score for Hostile Territory is by the excellent English composer John Koutselinis, who left an positive initial impression on the film music world following the release of his breakthrough score, The Great Alaskan Race, in 2019"...."It’s also clear that he finds working with Brian Presley – who also directed The Great Alaskan Race – inspirational, because Hostile Territory is a genuinely excellent piece of music."

...."The 7-minute “Finale & End Credits” is an outstanding final journey around all the score’s main melodic ideas, which includes some superb moments for solo violins, gorgeous inspiring voices, sharp percussion patterns, staccato action sequences, and more. There are even some hints of Hans Zimmer at his most rousing in the score’s final moments here; fans of scores like Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron might be especially impressed."....

...."Hostile Territory is an excellent score, filled with grand orchestral flourishes, moments of intimate drama, and thrilling western action."

- Jonathan Broxton