Award-winning film music composer John Koutselinis has composed high-quality film scores with notable collaborations comprising of music written for producers and directors, such as Gary Kurtz (Star Wars IV & V), Brian Presley (The Great Alaskan Race), Richard Bazley (Disney, Warner Bros) Steve Stone (Entity), Danny Wilson (Nephilim), David Levy (Concept Designer - Avatar 2 & 3, The Rise of Skywalker), Harry & George Kirby (Accident Man 2) and Mel Smith (Director of High Hills and Low Lifes, Radioland Murders - Story by George Lucas).

He has recently composed the score for the film ‘The Alaskan Great Race’ by Director/Producer Brian Presley, also starring Henry Thomas (E.T., Legends of the Fall) and Treat Williams, among others. (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album has been released by SONY MUSIC/MILAN).

He also written music for the films 'Hostile Territory' (Brian Presley, Matt McCoy & Brad Leyland), 'DEUS' with David O'Hara (The Departed, Harry Potter)  & Claudia Black (Farscape), Katherine of Alexandria (Peter O’Toole, Steven Berkoff & Edward Fox), ‘Nephilim’ (John Savage - award-winning score, music performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) and Centurion Resurrection' (Gary Kurtz -Producer, Richard Bazley - Director).

In addition, he has composed music for over 40 short films, including film scores for the short films by K&K Productions, which among others include Dragonball Z and The League of Legends, which have collectively generated over 15 Million views. K&K Productions have also created the film 'Cable: The Chronicles of Hope' which premiered at London Comic con. 
John is the recipient of 4 awards, including the 'Best Music Score' award by the Sydney Independent Film Festival for the original score of the film 'Nephilim', and the 'Best Music' award by the British Horror Film Festival for the original score of the motion picture 'In Extremis'. He is also the recipient of several nominations, including nominations by the prestigious 'Jerry Goldsmith Awards' ('The Rocket Boy') and a shortlist nomination by 'The World Soundtrack Awards' ('The Great Alaskan Race').
His latest works include the music score for the motion picture 'Hostile Territory' by writer/director Brian Presley and 'DEUS' by writer/director Steve Stone.
In 2021 he completed the score for the film DEUS by writer/director, Steve Stone, he has been commissioned to write an orchestral piece, celebrating the Commonwealth, titled 'We Are One' and has composed the music for the film adaptation of 'On ne badine pas avec l'amour'. 
This year, John has completed several projects, including music for the short film 'Beyond the Lake' (Simon Constantine - Director). The recently composed motion picture 'Hostile Territory' (formerly known as The Orphan Train) by writer/director Brian Presley, is set to be released by Saban films and he has been attached to score the music for the film 'Accident Man 2' (Harry & George kirby, Directors).

Services & Awards and Nominations


Film scoring services can range from the delivery of a complete musical score via electronic means to recordings with a full symphony orchestra. 


 There are various orchestral packages that can suit any budget and configuration. 


They can feature orchestras of the highest quality and can ensure the use of some of the finest studios creating this way the best possible sounding score.  



Musical production and composition can also include electronic music only or hybrid (orchestral with electronic elements.) 



Awards & Nominations

The World Soundtrack Awards 2022 - People's Choice Awards - Hostile Territory -  Shortlist Nominee

The World Soundtrack Awards 2020 - People's Choice Awards - The Great Alaskan Race - Shortlist Nominee

Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival 2018 - Best Original Score - Katherine of Alexandria - Director's Cut -  Nominee 

British Horror Film Festival 2017 - Best Music - In Extremis - Winner 

Sydney Independent Film Festival 2017 - Best Music Score - Nephilim - Winner 

American Horror Film Festival 2017 - Best Music - Nominee 

London Ealing Film Festival 2015 - Best Music - Centurion Resurrection - Winner 

LA Webfest 2013 - Outstanding Composer Category- We Are Angels - Winner 

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2012 - Denouement  -Nominee

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2012 - Double Shortlist 

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2011 - The Rocket Boy -  Nominee