Award-winning composer John Koutselinis, has composed high quality film scores, with notable collaborations comprising of music written for producers and directors such as Gary Kurtz (Star Wars IV & V), Brian Presley (The Great Race), Richard Bazley (Disney, Warner Bros) ,Steve Stone (Entity) , Danny Wilson (Nephilim) and Mel Smith (Director of High Hills and Low Lifes, Radioland Murders - Story by George Lucas).

He has recently composed the score for the film ‘The Great Race’ by Director/Producer Brian Presley, also starring Henry Thomas (E.T., Legends of the Fall) and Treat Williams, amongst others. He also composed music for the films 'In Extremis' with David O'Hara (The Departed, Harry Potter) & Isabelle Allen (Les Misérables), Katherine of Alexandria (Peter O’Toole, Steven Berkoff & Edward Fox) and ‘Nephilim’ (John Savage - award-winning score, music performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra).

In addition, he has composed music for over 35 short films including the award-winning series ‘We Are Angels’ Featuring Lisa Brenner (The Patriot) and Courtney Gaines (Children of the Corn & Back to the Future),  Dragonball Z & The League of Legends (K&K Productions), which have amassed over 15 million views, and music for the short film 'The Rocket Boy' (Official Selection-Sundance Festival) amongst others.

He is the recipient of 4 awards, including 'Best Music Score' by the Sydney Independent Film Festival for the original score of the film 'Nephilim', and the 'Best Music' award by the British Horror Film Festival for the original score of the motion picture 'In Extremis'. He is also the recipient of several nominations, including nominations by the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith Awards.


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The Original Score composed by John Koutselinis for the film Katherine of Alexandria (Director's Cut) receives a nomination by the Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival (2018)


The original score composed by John Koutselinis for the motion picture 'Katherine of Alexandria' (Director's Cut) has received a nomination in the category of 'Best Original Score' by the Amsterdam IFF 2018.

The film features Peter O'Toole, Steven Berkoff, Joss Ackland, Edward Fox, Jack Goddard and Nicole Keniheart on the role of Katherine.

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Recordings for the original score of the Motion Picture 'The Great Race' are completed

The live recordings for the original score composed by John Koutselinis for the motion picture 'The Great Race' (Directed by Brian Presley), were performed by the members of 'The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra' at the Smecky Studios (Prague) on November 11th.

     The orchestra was conducted by Adam Klemens and the session was supervised by James Fitzpatrick & Stanja Vomackova.

The recording was engineered by Jan Holzner.



John Koutselinis attached to score the music for the motion picture 'The Great Race'

John Koutselinis has been attached to compose the original score for the motion picture 'The Great Race' by writer/director Brian Presley.

The premise of the film explores the story of 1925's historic great race of mercy, a group of brave mushers travel 700 miles to save the small children of Nome, Alaska from a deadly epidemic.

The film features Treat Williams, Henry Thomas, Brad Leland, Brea Bee & Bruce Davison, amongst others, and Brian Presley as featured on the role of Leonhard Seppala.

For more information on 'The Great Race', please visit:

IMDb - The Great Race   



The original score for the motion picture 'In Extremis' wins 'Best Music' at the BHFF 2017


The motion picture 'In Extremis' by director Steve Stone has received five nominations by the British Horror Film Festivals.

The BHFF has awarded the following awards:

Steve Stone: Best Director

John Koutselinis: Best Music

and Best Film (Steve Stone, Alan Lathan & Lionel Hicks)




John Koutselinis' Score for the feature animated film 'Nephilim' wins Best Music Score


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X-Men Film: 'Cable: Chronicles of Hope' Premiers at Comic-Con London

The recently scored film 'Cable: Chronicles of Hope' premiered at the MCM London Comic Con on Friday, October 28th.

The film was produced by K&K productions and was directed and produced by George & Harry Kirby.

The score can be heard here:

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K&K Productions - Official Channel



John Koutselinis Joins DNA-Music

DNA-Music has welcomed John Koutselinis as new composer on their representation roster.

DNA-Music offers high-end solutions for all aspects of the film scoring process and has numerous credits including Legendary Entertainment's new music fanfare, Big Bad Wolves (Quentin Tarantino's 'Best Film of The Year'), Last Passenger, Sweeney, Zaytoun, Blitz, Cashback, To Kill A King, In The Cut , The Hooligan Factory, Keith Lemon The Film, Of Time And The City, Lewis, and Endeavour, amongst others.

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+44 (0) 7788 436 346


Recordings for the Original Score from the Motion Picture 'Extremis' are completed

The Original Score for the film 'Extremis' by director Steve Stone has been completed.
The live recordings took place in Prague with members of 'The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra'
at Smecky Studios on 5th November and were produced by James Fitzpatrick.

The orchestra was conducted by Nic Raine.

'Extremis' was directed by writer/director Steve Stone.

Starring: David O' Hara (The Departed, Harry Potter) and Isabelle Allen (Les Misérables)
amongst others.

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'Katherine of Alexandria' Is to be released on April 6th.

Recently scored feature film ‘Katherine of Alexandria’ is to be released in the UK under the title
'Fall of An Empire' by Kaleidoscope on April 6th, 2015.

The film features the remarkable story of Saint Katherine, from her early years to her abduction by Emperor Maxentius, through to her demise on the spiked wheel and her impact to an entire Empire by her wisdom and defiance. The film also explores her connection to Constantine the Great.

'Katherine of Alexandria' is Directed by Michael Redwood and features Peter O’Toole, Nicole Keniheart, Steven Berkoff  & Edward Fox amongst others. 


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Peter O'Toole’s Narration (Features music by John Koutselinis)


Original score from 'Centurion Resurrection' wins 'Best Music'

Recently scored, GBK produced film 'Centurion Resurrection' has just won an award for the category of 'Best Music'  at the 'London Ealing Film Awards'.

The score can be heard at this location:

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The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra records the score for the motion picture 'Nephilim'

John Koutselinis' original score for the Motion Picture 'Nephilim' was recorded by the
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on the 6th and 7th October 2014.

The sessions took place at the Smecky Studios in Prague and were produced
by James Fitzpatrick.

The orchestra was conducted by Nic Raine.


Orchestral Suite, 'The Flight of the Pegasus' is performed live at the 'Pride of Birmingham Awards'

John Koutselinis' orchestral suite 'The Flight of the Pegasus' was performed by 'The People's Orchestra'
at the Pride of Birmingham Awards' on September 26 2014.

The event was presented by Gaby Roslin, and the awards were presented
by Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) & Ali Campbell (UB40) amongst others.

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"Working with John was an honour. He is an extremely talented composer, with the ability to grasp exactly what is needed on a project, and also has the ability to execute specifically what is needed on time, and within budget. I would welcome the chance to work with him again."  

Danny Wilson, Director- 'Nephilim'